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JDE/IBM Announcement


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Yeah, I was there at Focus when they announced the box. The one thing that
I thought was interesting that I have not heard anyone comment on; the box
will be pre-loaded with Linux out of the box. Does that mean that JDE is
going to port there software to Linux, or was the IBM rep out of it? Anyone
know anything about this? I asked at Focus, and people either didn't notice
the comment about the pre-loaded OS, or didn't know what Linux was.


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And did they also tell you that with that extra board for NT or Windows that
if you restore to it that it is a complete restore not the individual user
like a


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Maybe V5R1 comes preloaded with Linux on one partition? I understand V5R1
comes with Apache server preloaded, so that's probably how they did it, on a
separate logical partition rather than into OS400 (or is it now IS400?)

Those new 270's are supposed to SCREAM with speed


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I believe that comment at Focus was that it "could" run Linux, since the
iSeries can now run Linux.

Unless there have been some last minute changes that I am not aware of, the
JDE eServer will not be preloaded with linux. It will be OS/400. Database
will be OS/400 DB2, (which is SQL compliant, for those that heard Ed's
speech). The current offer is based on a 270, and is preconfigured with
everything necessary to run OneWorld. Some of the details are still being
worked out, so there could be changes. I'm not definite on the price yet,
but it should be a great deal. It is geared at smaller installations, up
to 100 users or so.

IBM business partners should have the details, pricing, etc., in the next
week or so. If you want more details before then, send me a note.

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jgersic64 <jgersic@microstrategy.com>@jdelist.com on 06/19/2001 06:58:51 AM


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Re: RE: JDE/IBM Announcement

I heard him say "LINUX" as well.

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Re: RE: JDE/IBM Announcement

I heard them say Linux to - though the JDE employees at the conference didn't seem to know how to spell Linux let alone know anything about it !

JDE should start listening to their customers. There are enough reasons now to start seriously considering Linux especially since they indirectly announced support on linux. I applaud the idea of using Linux based Application Servers attached to IBM/HP/Sun Nix'ed Database Servers.


Even GNUe is starting to applaud the fact that JDE is starting to move down the Linux road (http://www.gnue.org)

My point is that if JDE is stating they are NOT going to support Linux - how can they possibly be partnering closely with IBM since IBM's main direction is "Linux everywhere" ???? Seems someone justs wants a "quiet life" so they don't have to support it....bah - like response line supports AIX, HPUX or Slowaris now eh

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