JDE Fixed Assets - Units of Production

Gavin Clark

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Our Version of JDE is A7.3 Cume 10.

We are trying to depreciate some assets that use the Units of Production (UOP)method for depreciation.

What we are attempting to do is to depreciate some assets using a UOP schedule with a starting Depreciable Unit Base for the first 9 months of the year and then for the next 3 months depreciate the same assets using a revised Depreciable Unit Base.

The problem is that the compute depreciation program calculates the variance between the two Depriable Unit Base figures for the first 9 months and adjusts the depreciation figures for the last 3 months by this variance.

Is there some way to stop the variance for the first 9 months being applied to the depreciation calculated for the last 3 months.

Any assistance greatly appreciated

Gavin Clark

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Mike Dupaix

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To use the modified UOP schedule you need to change the depreciation start date AND the method of computation. The start date should be when you want to begin using the new schedule and the MC should be changed to 'R'.