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Wanted to get some feedback to better understand. We refreshed our JDE menus yesterday. Typically, we do it through OMW, got a project with the top level custom menu - all inclusive which gets promoted from DV to PY then PD.
We choose to overwrite the entire structure, right or wrong, it works for us. Last night, we decided to refresh the menus, through back end sql tables F9000,F9001,F9002,F9005,F9005D,F9006,F9006D

This morning i got feedback that some people lost all their favorites, some lost some (meaning, their menu sub-folders were gone),and some lost none.

can anyone please help to explain this.

We are on apps 9.0, tools, SQL 2008R2 back-end on windows 2008R2 OS.


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I just saw this. I imagine you already figured out that the F900x series tables are your menu tables. If you completely wiped out the data in the sink environment, say CRPCTL and inserted all the rows from TESTCT, then yes you wiped out the Favorites in PY/CRP. If you are doing this via SQL you want to make sure you are only deleting and copying the Task Views you want. The RLTYPE is your Task View. 91 is your "Main Menu". We've heavily customized out system so I can't even begin to tell you what to look for in yours...

PM me if you want some guidance, but my best advice is don't play with anything in JDE at the SQL level unless you are absolutely sure of what you are dong.