JDE EnterpriseOne Server Manager Licence Requirements

David Robertson

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I am running into this budgeting issue for our upgrade project.

The JDE EnterpriseOne Server Manager certification requires a licenced version of WebLogic or WebSphere.

As the JDE SVM is (required to be) used in the installation and deployment of the JDE installation, is the licence for this provided, or must it be purchased separately?

As it is normal to run the SVM on the Deployment Server, and the Deployment Server is certified for to run on Hyper-V, I have been told that due to Oracle licensing rules, if you are deploying WebLogic on VMWare virtualised infrastructure, the "entire server" must be licensed (not just the VM's that run the Oracle program) (Oracle Technology Sales Representative)

Does anyone have a similar experience?

At this stage, it seems I have no choice but to change my plan and run a physical hardware deployment server, as it's cheaper than the WebLogic licence I require for the server manager!