JDE Embedded BIP - Import subtemplate using a variable name instead of hard coding it

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I have a need to Dynamically call (import) RTF sub-templates based on the file path/name coming in from the xml data. Is there a way to do this?

The following works:

The following errors. How do I do import a sub template using a variable name in the import??
I am probably just missing the syntax somewhere when I use var1 in the import.
<?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX, 'var1', '///C:/temp/SubTemplate.rtf')?>

Applications Release - 9.2
Tools Release -
BIP Word Plugin Version - (Build
Microsoft Word 2013 64 Bit



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No you can't. The imported subtemplates are loaded by the template pre-processor. If you're a C programmer, you can think of the RTF subtemplates as header files and the "import" as C's "#include".

The BIP pre-processor is still building the final code during pre-processing. That's why you can't use variables.

Have you tried using subtemplates that accept parameters?