JDE E1 Archiving - Media Objects? mini poll



Several questions my management team would like answers to:

1) Has anyone experienced or documented a performance impact related to the number of media objects/files ? If so what are the thresholds (# of files) that have been noticed?

2) When a transaction record is archived that has a media object attachment, is the media object attachment archived also?

3) What 3rd party archiving software do you use?

4) How many Media Objects files total in all the MO Queues? Special prize for the highest total reported!


E1 9.1, TR, ODA (Linux 5/6 OVM, Oracle 12c)
1. Not yet
2. No
3. None
4. 300,000+ files, ~400GB. Approximately 80% of that is all in the OLEQUE folder.

No question that this is something of a gaping hole waiting for problems to arise. Be interesting to see other's responses.
This is in response with a previous customer of mine. Very large, 9.1 EnterpriseOne (from Xe) upgrade.

1. No. But moving media objects to a SAN helped improve performance. The current architecture is using FTP since the Weblogic Servers are on Linux (Database is OS/400).
2. No
3. None
4. ~2,000,000 files. Multi TB. With the upgrade from Xe to 9.1, the 1st iteration of the conversion failed after running for 4 weeks ! We managed to finally get the conversion to fully run in under 8 hours with the go-live !!
1. Nope. I do have 1 client using sftp now, not sure how that'll do in the long run but it seems okay right now.
2. No.
3. I once wrote a query after uploading a directory export to a table....and well... never mind. No.
4. Somewhere over a million for a mature Xe system. Some folks love to pretend JDE is an excellent document storage system for some odd reason.
Some folks love to pretend JDE is an excellent document storage system for some odd reason.

Yeah - that's the problem. It mimics a Document Manage / Storage System but has almost no management tools, etc.