JDE E1 9.2 Data Only Upgrade

I have installed JDE 9.2 on a complete new set of servers (Enterprise, database, weblogic, etc) These servers are running Windows Server 2012 R2...database is running SQL 2012. I have completed the application installation. Now I want to convert my existing JDE 9.0 database. I am starting with pathcode DV. I restored the existing 9.0 database to the new 9.2 database server. I am at the point of creating the planner package for this conversion. This is where I need assistance. This is my first upgrade project, and I am a little confused as to exactly what my next steps should be. Any assistance in where and how I proceed would be welcome.


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After restoring the data (it is recommended to restore from your 9.0 PD to 9.2 PD - as the plan will be run multiple times, and you can copy the results from PD920 to DV920 after success)

1. Create a Workbench Plan for Data-only Upgrade using PD Datasource from 9.0 to 9.2
2. Run all table conversions on refreshed 9.0 PD Business Data/Control Tables
3. Confirm everything ran and converted successfully
4. Refresh 9.2 DV and PY with converted 9.2 PD
5. Rinse and repeat a number of times by resetting your plan throughout your Retrofit/User Testing/etc until Go-Live.

Usually having a consultant help with an upgrade is an absolute must.
Thanks for your reply. I am having issues with the installation plan. I receive an error message "Error: Duplicate Keys not allowed" on the Data Source Revisions form. The ODBC Data Source Name field is reversed highlighted. The value in this field is the same value as my Database Server Name field. I've tried various other entries, but I cannot get past this error.

Thanks again for your assistance. I greatly appreciate it.