JDE Content Manager(tm) Uses Microsoft Office



Content Manager(tm) Uses Microsoft Office to Manage and Reuse
Components of Documents Throughout an Enterprise

DENVER, March 14, 2001 - J.D. Edwards & Company (Nasdaq: JDEC), a
leading provider of agile, collaborative solutions for the Internet economy,
today announced the limited general availability of Content ManagerTM, the
first tool that allows enterprises to manage multi-lingual content with
standard desktop tools like Microsoft* Office. Content Manager allows
"single sourcing" - creating a single content repository that can be used by
a company's network of offices, partners and customers anywhere in the
Slated for general availability this spring, Content Manager expands
on the existing enterprise content management products in the market with
three unique features:
* The product allows different departments to share
and reuse content components, not just whole documents, for multiple output
formats such as print, web and CD-ROM.
* Content Manager uses Microsoft Office to manage
content components.
* Content Manager is designed to facilitate
multi-lingual content development and publishing.
Content Management is an expanding market expected to grow to $10
billion by 2004 from $800 million in 1999, according to META Group.
"The content management market exists in two product forms
currently: web content management and enterprise content management, with
the distinction being moot by 2004/05," said Andrew Warzecha, Vice President
of E-Business Strategies for META group. "Innovations that allow these tools
to help employees align content to their business strategies will advance
this segment dramatically. We see single sourcing at a granular level of
content as an advancement that can be further expanded to better serve

"Content management products initially focused on the assembly,
personalization, and publishing of web pages. Companies now realize they
also need to carefully manage content across different applications, where
authors may be working with Word documents, for example," said industry
analyst Frank Gilbane, Editor of the Gilbane Report published by Bluebill
Advisors. "Furthermore, they need to be able to manage content as a single
source to reduce the costs and complexities of multi-lingual, and
multi-channel publishing. J.D. Edwards' Content Manager is designed to
solve these next-generation requirements."
Easy-to-Use Content Management With MS Office
With its Microsoft partnership, J.D. Edwards' Content Manager
provides immediate user-friendliness and content adaptability.
"J.D. Edwards Content Manager capitalizes on the global power of
the Office 2000 suite -- the basis of generated content for most
organizations - with easy-to-warehouse multi-lingual content and a single
source for multiple delivery modes and languages," said Catharine Morris,
Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) Practice Manager. "Microsoft Consulting
Services teamed with J.D. Edwards to develop Content Manager as a way to
maximize the enterprise-wide investment in Microsoft front-office and
back-office technologies while benefiting from the J.D. Edwards expertise in
multi-lingual content management."
Multi-lingual Capabilities
The product's architecture is geared to work with translation
technologies such as Trados Inc., leveraging memory and terminology
translation tools that result in significant cost savings. "J.D. Edwards'
Content Manager fills a critical marketplace need by offering flexible
content management for multi-lingual uses," Edith Westfall, Partner Manager
of the Americas for Trados, said. "We're excited to be working with J.D.
Edwards to help integrate Trados's leading translation technology."
"J.D. Edwards first developed Content Manager several years ago to
bring efficiency to its internal and external content generated and
exchanged by our thousands of employees, customers and partners in eight
languages," Ben Martin, Vice President for Global Content Management at J.D.
Edwards, said. "We enhanced Content Manager as a solution for the middle-
to high-end markets, where customers seek the ease, efficiency and global
capabilities that interoperate with J.D. Edwards' software as well as other
Paradigm Technologies Uses Content Manager to Address Collaboration
Paradigm Technologies, which provides enterprise software for
businesses in the petroleum industry, is an early user of Content Manager to
address immediate collaborative needs internally. In the future, Paradigm
plans to use Content Manager to extend this access to its petroleum
"Paradigm Technologies is pleased to be an early
adopter of J.D.Edwards Content Manager. Recently acquired by Petroleum
Place, an energy internet marketplace serving the upstream petroleum
industry, Paradigm has partnered with J.D. Edwards OneWorld to create an
international upstream energy product," said Eileen Thournir, Documentation
Lead for Paradigm Technologies. "The Upstream Energy Solution is a
multi-currency, multi-lingual product that adapts to the business
processes of both independents and major oil and gas producers throughout
the world."
Content Manager, part of J.D. Edwards' knowledge management
offerings, features data-based content with flexible metadata, intelligent
searching, check-in/check-out of content, output to compound documents and
HTML for web content, content relationship management, link management,
revision and version control, configurable workflow and integrated
translation strategy. Content Manager is also designed to integrate with
existing information workflow processes for maximum efficiency.

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