JDE connectivity with RSA via L&G tool

Madav Karna

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There is an user access automation tool (RSA via L&G) that is being incorporated into our project to automate the user creation and deletion process.
This tool is going to be the centralized contact for all user access and removal tasks, and has already been integrated with other applications within the company and now they have contacted our JDE team for the same.
The link about the tool is given below :
The automation team wants to connect to JDE from their tool to automate the user creation and removal process.

1) Is there an link that i can look what third party tools are supported with JD Edwards, our current version is 9.0 and tools release is
We want to check whether this tool falls under the list of supported third party tools that can connect with JDE.

2) Next to connect to JDE they are trying to connect via back-end (database side) and are planning on implementing a stored procedure through which they can do the user creation and removal. They did ask about the tables involved in user creation and deletion and assured that the stored procedure is a safe way to do this. Is it a safe method as they say, what concerns me is that they want to connect from backend (database) and by this they will have access to the JDE tables.

Any help on this would be really appreciated. :)