JDE Configurator E1 9.1


JDE Configurator E1 9.1

Some of the Items have multiple colors (up to 100) to select from.
What is the best way to setup the items so that Sales Order creation time we can select the correct color?
Should we have each item+color to be set up as an individual Item (making it 100 different Items)?
Or is there a better way?

Can smart Part be used? If so How?

Please respond with an example for easy understanding.
Thanks for your time.

We also paint pieces and have more than 10.000 possible colours (actually unlimited),

We have set up an udc with 10 digits and coded colours there

then the user select colour and our P rules insert configurated parts with that colours and inside the parts, using Q rules we insert the proper powder to paint in that colour using Q rules tables

hope that helps
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