Jde c api sql "having"


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Jde c api sql having clause

I can't seem to locate a way to include a HAVING sql command

trying to do something like this via C API

select sdshpn,count(distinct sddoco),sum(sditwt),avg(sdan8) from libary.f42119 left join library.F42019 on sddoco=shdoco where sdADDJ>=116001 and sdADDJ <=116366 and shptc='CWO' and sddcto='M1' group by sdSHPN HAVING count(distinct sddoco)>1;

Is this possible?
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Yes a HAVING clause is possible. I did one just the other day. But only with a certain TR level (not sure which one). We are on The API you are looking for is JDB_SetHaving and is documented in the JD_Edwards_EnterpriseOne_In-Memory_Tools_C_API_Reference document from Oracle.


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well i'm out of luck. went looking for JDB_SetHaving and nothing. Bummer, that would have really made this a lot easier. now i have to hack something together.

Thanks for the reply.