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JDE BIP If And Or Condition


I am trying to add a IF condition with between values for e.g. If (Amount >= 1000 AND Amount < 2000).
I am not able to find the keyword for AND clause. I have tried a lot of this, but none of them are working.

Thanks in advance for your help!

E1 9.2.

Kim Schmidt

Active Member
Deepak, I use this code to conditionally display a signature on a check: <?if:../Signature_Flag_ID3='Y' and Amount_ID5 < Threshold_ID5?> In my case, the flag was in the next higher level of the XML from the amount tags so I needed to use the XPath notation prefix ../ to tell BIP where to find it.
Hi Deepak,

We had a requirement of showing total amount based on days past due ...Meaning between 2 values of past due days ...

I am using the following tag for it and is working fine.....See if it helps you...

<?sum(current-group()/AmountOpen_ID26[(../DaysPastDue_ID66<=-31 and ../DaysPastDue_ID66 >=-60)])?>

Let me know if it works