JDE B7333 SP23 and or SP24


I am looking to upgrade from server 2003 to server 2008. My understanding is we need to have SP24 which is nowhere to be found. Does anyone have access and can share? Maybe possible direction to obtain it? Thanks in advance!


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ok - first of all, Oracle Support still has SP24 out as an active piece of software. However, like ALL the software, you can only download Oracle software if you have an active maintenance agreement with Oracle. Asking if people/companies can provide "other ways to obtain the software" is going to get you in a LOT of trouble. SP24 is available on the Knowledge Garden - if you have maintenance, then you're entitled to download it. If not, then you made a conscientious decision to stay with the software that you already have, and deal with the consequences when operating systems and hardware come to end-of-life.

So, given your predicament - you can either attempt to upgrade your windows OS and hope that your service pack works on it - or stay with Windows 2003 for as long as you are running EnterpriseOne.

If, on the other hand, you DO have a maintenance agreement with Oracle - then you should absolutely get on the phone with them and see why you can't seem to download SP24....
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