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I am new to JDE the company I working for uses Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne via Sharepoint 2007. I already have macros that work between our other applications, but there is still a lot of work in going into JDE and importing and exporting info to and from excel. Is there any way for me to wright a program so i can send and recitative data from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. I am just a user, i do not have any admin rights to JDE or Sharepoint.

Chan Rana

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When you post try to add in your version of E1 you are using as lot depends on version you use.

JDE ERP has separate development tools and setup which you will have to learn and use if you plan to write programs. For some quick reporting you can use data browser and extract data from tables you intend to and then format it in Excel etc. you will have to know the tables names where data is stored.



Sorry for the delay pulled of what i was doing to complete a hot project. i am currently using (EnterpriseOne As far as manually extracting data, that is how my current process. I am trying to develop a way to create a program or macro that will preferably work from my excel sheet and pull the Bills of Material from JDE that I need. Do you have the any advice on the separate development tools and setups I need to complete this.


Sorry it took so long for me to respond. I was given a hot project to complete. The version of E1 im using is EnterpriseOne
Can you give me more information on the separate development tools and setups for write programs in JDE. The process right know is to manually search find and export Bills of Material to to excel but is a timely process when comparing multiple Bills and searching for what bills contain certain parts. Preferably I want to make a macro or add-in for excel to allow me to pull or search multiple Bills in JDE without the manual exporting and searching I do now.
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