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I'm involved in trying to use TABLEAU to report from World (A7.3)
We're able to connect to the iSeries, get into a "library" (aka "schema"), and drag a table into Tableau.

For fun, I've been trying to create a "visualization" based on Address Book (F0101).
Some columns, ABAN8 and ABALPH, display as expected.
Most are displaying as hex.

I showed this to the consultants leading the project, and they're not sure what's going on,
BUT the same thing happens when they try to get it to work.
(So I'm not "special" for THAT reason)

We're using "iSeries Access ODBC Driver" to connect.

Has anyone here worked w/Tableau & World?
How did you connect?
Have you run into this issue?
Can Tableau drill into a MEMBER w/in a physical file?
Is it pronounced "Tab-blow" or "Tab-blue"?

TIA and regards


This sounds like some sort of CCSID or translate binary. configuration setting on the ODBC driver.

I found this on this in another forum, https://community.tableau.com/ideas/1196

After setting up your ODBC data source, the tabs at the top should all be default values except for “Conversions”. Chick here and make sure there is a check next to the “Convert binary data (CCSID 65535) to text”. These directions are from ODBC driver version