JDE and Java


Hi guys,

I am having an issue when JDE calls a java application that accesses a HTTPS-enabled site. We have installed the proper certificate to our batch server. Whenever we run the java application manually via command prompt, it successfully connects to the site. However, if JDE calls it, it does not work. It does not seem to see the certificate that we installed. (See the simple diagram below and our setup)

JDE_UBE --> JDE_NER --> EXTERNAL_BATCH_FILE (called via B34A1030) --> JAVA -jar myjavaapp.jar

JDE_UBE is set to run only on a dedicated batch server

JDE 8.11 SP1
8.98 Tools Release
Windows Server 2008 R2 64Bit
JRE 1.7.0_76

I know this is (somehow) outside JDE Development... does anyone have any experience with this?
When you test it on the command line do you run it as the same user that the JDE kernels are running as?

(1). Verify the OCM mapping of the BSFN B34A1030
(2). Verify the command line that is passed into the BSFN. It should not have any syntax or spelling errors.
Thanks for the replies! We have resolved the issue. It turned out that we only imported the certificates into the 64bit JRE. That is why it is working on the command line. JDE seems to be calling the 32bit JRE so we had to import the certificate there too.
Hi audioman,
I'm trying to accomplish pretty much the same thing... I have JDE UBE that calls a BSFN that calls a custom Java library. It runs successfully on my local PC (Fat Client), but it doesn't work at all when it runs on the server. I'm using jdeJvmGetJNIEnv() and jni.h to integrate our JDE BSFN with Java.

Did you use jdeJvmGetJNIEnv() on your integration?

Thanks in Advance!