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Hello everyone

Has anyone created a universe for Business Objects to use with JDE A7.3 on
the AS400. We have set up the ODBC connection and can see the field
definitions but when we run reports with a data selection, the report
columns have the error 'this is a BLOB'. We are querying over the F0006 file
and the only field with meaningful data returned is MCDL01. I would be
grateful for any help on the subject.

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If you are in Windows trying to use the Client Access ODBC driver for your
DSN data source, the problem may be due to the translation radio button not
being clicked (for some reason the default setting is set to "not translate"
and I've always needed to have it set "to translate"). From the Control
Panel, click on ODBC Data Sources, select the correct User/System/File DSN.
Click on Configure, click on the Translation Tab and be sure the radio
button for "Translate CCSID 65535" is selected. Click on Apply and then
click on OK. DSN data sources and the Client Access ODBC drivers have
caused us lots of confusion, but when it's work it's damn near like magic.

A7.3, Cum 10
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Do you have a universe for Business Objects designed by BO or JDE
Thanks in advance

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