JDE Alter Table


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Hi All,

We have a scenario where we need to modify columns in JDE custom tables (i.e. replacing an existing column with a new column will use new custom DD items, where both are similar except for an increase in the length of column). We have seeked the help of Database team for this to take back of data from these tables and do the above mentioned change, generate and reload the data back into tables. we will provide them with all the detalis required like data items , data source, environment details. Just wanted some inputs from the JDE gurus on following

1) Is this a good appraoch to follow to make these kind of changes to custom tables ?
2) How these changes will have impact on the UBE, APPL etc using these tables ?

Any suggestions or corrections will be appreciated ...

Environment: JD Edwards App Release 8.10 / Tools Release 8.97 series

I did go through some relavent posts disccusing similar issues but I coudnt find anything that I was looking for..
Personally, I'd just add the new column(s) to the table and leave the obsolete column in place. Although, since it IS a custom table (or tables), you may be able to get away with what you're planning on doing.
Any objects referencing the affected tables will need to be reworked to utilize the new columns. You should do all of this in your Dev environment, test thoroughly, and then promote through to Production when ready -- probably off-hours if possible.