JDE A7.3 license


Hello folks, hope you can help with this.

Our JDE license lapsed, managed to get a new Software Protection Code and System 00 Install Key, entered the SPC through QSECOFR.
The problem I'm facing is the next step is to login to JDE and enter the System 00 Install Key - can't login to JDE since the license's lapsed.


The above guide doesn't say if it's at all possible to enter the S00I Key through the command line under QSECOFR.

I'm hoping someone here has gone through this process and there is a solution.

Many thanks in advance!



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You can manually update the QJDF DTAARA in JDFOBJ with the new Software Protection code. Use WRKDTAARA QJDF and option 5 to Display the location of the current code in the Data Area. The use option 2 to change the information required in the specific locations. Oracle License Support should be able to help you since you were able to get a new code.


Hi George,

I have already updated the JDFOBJ file (JDFOBJ73 in my case), it's the entering S00I Key part I am stuck at - can't do it if I don't have access to JDE (gives me the license expired screen).

I don't think Oracle License Support refuse to help further, because as far as they are concerned they have provided the license (in this case a link to a free license generator).
I've got a call with Oracle this afternoon, but I have a feeling they'll try and milk this situation.