E9.2 JDE 9.2 Setup for MRP for Make to Order Items


We make a mix of manufactured items that are either make to stock, make to assemble and make to order. How do you setup MRP in order to ensure the raw materials are purchased but the Planning and Scheduling department does not create the planned work orders from forecast for only make to order items? Right now the best I can come up with is a using a planning fence to drop off forecast for the finished good and group the make to order under another planning number. That way the planning / scheduling team filters out the make to order items and plans those separately.

Any suggestions? What are other businesses doing? Thank you!


Dropping off the forecast can limit the planning visibility for component items in MRP. I would suggest using IBPRP4 - Master Planning Family to group 3 different categories. User can execute or filter messages by using PRP4 category code.