JDE 9.2 Bulk Password reset

Hi All,

We have upgraded JDE from 8.11 SP1 to JDE 9.2 Tools Release 9.2.1.
Is there any way I can bulk reset password of user to something like abc123 and allow user to change password at 1st login while Go-Live.


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SQL'ing the F98OWSEC, you can set SCSECF3 = 1 to force expire.
As for passwords, its stored in the blob field in F98OWSEC, SCSRVBLOBA... and that's all I'll say about that.


You can use Revise All form exit in P98owsec, check the "Force Immediate Password Change" checkbox and hit ok.
Caution :Before you signout please remember to reset the password of "JDE" user to the same value in P98OWSEC and uncheck force immediate password change. So that the system wouldnt prompt to change the "JDE" user's password when you log in as JDE.