JDE 9.2 Balance Sheet Business Units & Annual Close Report


We are testing a new process for our consolidated financials where prior year balance sheet and P&L activity is copied down to the business unit level, rather than at the company level. The job that we have used for this process copies and posts the summary level activity to each business unit that rolls up to a single company correctly, just like it has for companies in the past. A comparison of financials for the companies that we copied from with statements for the business units that we copied to showed that they tied. We began at the year of inception for the original companies.

However the issue we are having is when the balances need to be rolled over to the following year. We ran the annual close by company - it posts retained earnings at the company level which skews the RE balances for all of the business units. So we tried leaving the business unit field on the GLG4 AAI blank - that didn't work. Has anyone been able to successfully maintain balance sheets at the business unit level before and after year end using the annual close process?