JDE 9.2 and Esri ArcGIS for asset management integration?



I am trying to find a 3rd party integration for JDE 9.2 and ArcGIS for asset management integration. What I have found is custom development between the 2 systems using asset ID# passed between web portals using simple parsing. This is rudimentary at best and not really a true integration.

Has anyone cracked this missing link in the JD Edwards world?




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Hello Chris,

There have been a few JDE customers who have done JDE CAM to ESRI ArcGIS integrations over the years. I seem to recall one in particular in Ontario, where you have mentioned you are located, so if you are part of a regional JDE User Group you might pose it to that group as well.

I've found that ESRI has released several RESTful services integrations for ArcGIS that can probably be integrated through the JDE Orchestrator for this purpose. I'm not aware of any 3rd Party integration products.

The challenge I believe you will find is that as technology has changed to make integrations like this "easier" I'm not so sure that the customers that have already made this effort are updating those interfaces or not.


Hi jdeEAM,

Thank you for your insight. Yes, agreed. I was hoping there is a vendor out there making a going of continuous development of such an integration instead of a likely static one time integration built in-house. This may be the only way to go forward.