JDE 9.1 AS/400 Outqueue not communicating with Create!Form 7 Server


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We are currently running JDE 9.0 with Create!Form 3.2. We are upgrading to JDEdwards 9.1 and have installed Create!Form7. We have a JDE subsystem job that creates output that should automatically merge with the form on the CF Server.

I have created a RMTOUTQ on the AS400 and defined the printer in JDE and the same outq on the Windows server where CF7 is installed.
When the JDE output is generated, it is just sitting in the queue on the AS400 in a SND status and not connecting to the CF7 server.

We are currently on CF3.2 and have a similar setup.

We did a test on the CF7 server to print the pdf and it did merge automatically, so we feel that the form project and the server are working properly.

It is my understanding that Create!Send is not used, so I have not installed that. I have opened support case with Bottomline and waiting for help from them. Just wondered if anyone on this forum has encountered a similar issue.
Just an update. I was able to get my output from the AS/400 to the Create!Form7 server. I needed to install the LPD service. Now the job is sitting in the Windows printer queue in a printing status, but nothing is happening. Making progress, but still could use a little advice.

Daneille Eddy
Is the Windows Server firewall blocking print jobs from the AS/400? The problem with spool files stuck in SND status isn't directly related to Cform software but instead the communication between the two machines.

The rmtoutq is defined using the IP address of the create server? Also you have to use the STRSND command on the 400 to create a Create!Send Writer type *Server that needs to be for that outq and it needs to be active. This always the job to go from the 400 to the server sending the as400 job ticket information.

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Except for the Remote OutQ & IP address, the info you provided is for AS400 ASCII Text files, not for AS400 JDE PDF files

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With help from Bottomline support, was able to resolve issue with output sitting in Windows printer queue. In Create!Form server, Tools -> Windows Identity, we had credentials for server administrator. Once we removed these credentials, the output prints as it should.

I thank everyone for their responses. Hopefully this may help someone in the future.

Daneille Eddy