JDBC driver JDK 1.7 - SQL Server 2012 R2


Hi folks - I'm planning to upgrade from WebSphere 7 to WebSphere 8.5.x very soon (my DB is SQL Server 2012 R2) and a bit confused on which sqljdbc jar file to use. Oracle documentation tells me that that for JDK 1.7, I should use SQL JDBC type 4 driver(sqljdbc4.jar) but based on this documentation from MS (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms378422(v=sql.110).aspx), I should use SQL JDBC type 4.1 and use the sqljdbc41.jar file:

"[FONT=&quot]Use [/FONT]sqljdbc41.jar[FONT=&quot] when your application must compile with JDK 7.0"

So not sure which one to use?

Also, it seems that in server manager, there is no option/link to upload JDK 1.7 / sqljdbc41.jar.

For those folks who are in similar situation, which JDBC driver file did you use / are you using?

Thanks very much in advance.