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JD explorer can't connect to E1Local Database of Deployment server


Hello there,

We are facing a problem that we can't connect to LocalE1 database of Deployment Server, that happens after We changed the hard-Disk of Deployment Server (Because bad sector we found) and It was a Cloning hard-Disk From Old to new.

Note: Everything is fine, like people could view and add attachments on the system but the only problem that we face is we can't use JD Explorer on the Deployment Server.

Does anyone face a problem like that before?


Kim Schmidt

Active Member
Hello, Been there, done that! That's because Oracle uses an encryption key derived from the serial number of the hard drive to encrypt the E1Local database passwords. There is a process where you can use an oracle-supplied utility to reconfigure this. The specific utility executable depends on which tools release you're using - for 9.1 and probably earlier tools, check out this thread - https://www.jdelist.com/vb4/showthread.php?t=52571. And for tools 9.2, it's similar, but also read document E61420_01. Good luck!