JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 22



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Hello JDEList members,

On Monday Oracle announced E1 Release 22. Got to admit I wasn't expecting that one. From the information released it doesn't seem like much has changed other than the year-based naming nomenclature. Maybe just marketing-speak like we've seen through the years? (ERP 5, etc).

Curious what your reactions are.

Mark D.
Several new features in the UDO and orchestrator space. Logic extensions in particular look interesting. Great to see associate descriptions on data requests too.
The deployment server is only 64bit
Well the whole release is just 64-Bit :)
Release 22 innovation is delivered in Tools 9.2.6 which supports Applications 9.2 and is only available for 64-bit Tools Foundation.

About this whole topic: Just when you had customers and management at a point where you finally explained how 9.2 Update n works they change to Release 22 šŸ˜…
They had me going for a bit. I remember putting on Service Pack 22 in the early 2000's, which was sometimes mistakenly referred to as Release 22. I thought I was in a time warp.
We were surprised by the new nomenclature as well. Our CNC checked it out and it sounds like the 22 refers to 2022 and it is basically the same kind of yearly tools and apps updates we've been getting since 9.2 came out.
The Requirement Planning & Console is another big one, though it can be enhanced in the better way. Checked in Oracle Community and found it is supported with licensed In-Memory Sales Advisor, and running on SPARC Oracle SuperCluster engineered system. I tweeted to Paul Houtkooper asking if this is true, and happy he replied with license of planning module is only needed.