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Java / Html



Hi List,

Can someone share your working experience with the JDE Java or HTML solution? Is this a reliable solution to use for daily business activity? Our company is starting the testing on the HTML solution but we discovered so many problems which you do not see in the windows environment. According to JDE support line we have to update to the latest service pack and it will fix all the strange problems we encounter.

Anybody out there is using JAVA/HTML today???


Xe SP13, Enterprise server-AS400 V4R4, Deployment Server-NT4.0, JAS server-NT 4.0


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We are still in the prototyping stage but here a quick opinion.
We don't use JAS (it bandwidth requirement is as big as FAT client)

We are planning on HTML, Citrix(in case HTML doesn't get approval), and FAT

Service Packs:
SP13 was worked... but SP15.1 is much better. Many issues did get corrected.

Note: There are two seperate SPCDs one for the enterprise server and another for the JAS server be sure to order both

A web interface is not the best interms of heavy user data entry. The so header page refreshes after certain fields and the so detail page refreshes after each detail line.

There are ways through FDA to stop the header refreshes and through the htmloverides.ini settings can be made to predefine a set number of detail lines that can be entered before line refreshing begins.

All in All it's pretty good. I think our biggest disappointment right now is that you can't use personalizations like moving columns(ie Grid Format)

XE SP15.1, Solaris, Oracle8.0.6, JAS(15.1) NT, WebSphere3.5