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we are in the process of implementing JAS on
SP 16.1, Update 2 , oracle database with
IIS, Websphere.(3.5).
I am able to get signon screen through <server path>/owjava/index.html
(but not able to signon)
through /owhtml or /saw or /owportal I am getting Internal server error.

While connecting through gen.bat (for eGenerator), it accept signon
information , get into eGenerator screen and if I try to connect to server
it gives "network error : unable to connect to JAS".

Once by mistake, it did show up screen asking report id,version,system code
for generation..!!!

All logs are clear without any error.

I have done everything mentioned in forum (previous queries) but still no

They haven't updated how they resolved it.

Please help,

Thanks in Advance,