JAS vs TSAC( Web client)


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Hello List,

Exploring the new MS Win2k Terminal Server Advanced Client (TSAC) - Web Client I am able to access OW apps installed on a Terminal Server(TS) via the Web browser. This brings up the question of what would be the difference between TSAC web client vs JAS HTML (or Java) client ? Does this new technology obsolete the JAS server ? or am I missing something here ? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi soyer,

I too was intrigued by the TSAC client. However, with further research and experimentation I discovered that it is essentially an ActiveX container that is simply downloaded and cached in the users browser. It still requires an access license and still uses the same RDP protocol, bandwidth and ports. So in essence it is really not new technology but the TS client in a browser.

Any comments from the remote access gurus? altquark?


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Soyer :

TSAC web client is just an RDP session embedded on a browser.
It's like the NFUSE solution that Citrix provides for its ICA clients.
The pros of having JAS installed is that HTML/Java clients run on most
platforms and you don't need to download any plugin on the client to
run the thin JDE client (except JVM).
The cons of having JAS is that you need to buy and administer : WebSphere,
JAS solution itself and JDBC drivers. WebSphere+Xe can be a real pain!
The pros of having TSAC is that you can sell "the web stuff" without
messing with WebSphere and JAS software; its cons are that you are
tied up to Windows clients.