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I'm trying to determine a best course of action for remote users to access
OneWorld. These remote users do not need full fat clients. I'm torn between
using a JAS web server or a Citrix terminal server. Can anyone provide any
advantages/disadvantages/experience with using one over the other. I'm on Xe and
I've heard that the web server has greatly improved it's functionality in
comparison with the terminal server.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Citrix is great. It is exactly like your fat client only with many users on the same machine. JAS requires a large machine, like Citrix, but the interface is rather different. It has a JAVA and an HTML interface. The HTML interface is fast and comparable to Citrix, but the pages are real basic. JAVA is slow, but the pages resemble the fat client. Something that might affect your decision is how far the remote clients are from your servers and how much interface functionality is required.

Another thing regarding JAS is the generation of what is called Serialized Objects. This is what you do to create the JAS objects from the fat client objects. It is a simple process but has a few short comings. The fat client and change managment for the fat client are far more stable as best I can tell.

I'm no expert, so please consider other input you have available.


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Your right, check with JDE. It seems they have a thirdparty piece "BoostWeb"
(a compression
software) that allows "Java-Thin" to beat TSE.

I have to second Doug's remarks on this. JAS adds too much administrative overhead for change management.

...And don't let them fool you into thinking there won't be development overhead, as well. Yes, you can run a ow program to create your serialized objects, but there are a number of "special considerations" for running an application to an html or java client. For example, if you have a form exit to print report output, it will work fine for users on fat clients or citrix. But for html or java users, you will have to code a second option that works correctly with the remote/web-based setup. While jde has attempted to take care of these kind of things by creating "self-service" versions of sales order and other apps, you will be adding work to any development you do.

I think the web technology is way cool, but too much work unless you really need it.

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