J4200010 process successful but no hold code w/centre notification from table trigger



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Has anybody seen /solved this scenario?

We are manually raising a Sales order which causes the order to go on ‘PA' (product allocation) hold. The SO header hold code is correctly populated and a record is inserted into F4209. The F4209 table trigger causes a message to be sent to the work centre (Electronic workbench) or (if configured) as an email.

When the order is created via our SOA process (calling J4200010), the order gets created and also correctly goes onto PA hold and a record is correctly inserted in F4209. However NO message is recorded in the work centre, so the notification I expected to be created via the table trigger failed/did not get invoked.

I expect the same would happen for credit hold messages.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated
I suspect you verified your setup of P98820 to be certain the engine is created.
The issue has been resolved by our SOA developers.
Strangely enough the User ID used when creating the order needed an associated address book number, even though the hold code message has nothing to do with it as this is sent to a configurabe address number which is NOT the originator.