IV / OMW Misbehavior


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Has anyone seen problems in XE relating to versions behaving different depending on whether you run them from IV or the OMW versions list vs. running them from the menu by prompting for version? We are seeing something exceedingly strange; it's multi-environment and not workstation specific. In particular, a version run from IV or the OMW versions list will not seem to look at its processing options. However, the same version when run from the menu will follow its processing options perfectly.

Our particulars:

Program: P4210
Version: SMMTEST1 (calls P4310, version SMMTPO)
After clicking OK When the P4210 creates a purchase order, it should use the doc type specified in the P4310 version, but if run from IV or OMW versions list, it seems to ignore it. If run from the menu, it creates the purchase order properly.
We are on XE, sp 14.1

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Remove the NOJUNK from my e-mail address if you want to reply via e-mail. Thanks!

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