Item type affecting Scheduled Pick Date (PDDJ) on ST? JDE 9.1.3


I've come across something I've not see before. When creating a plant transfer (ST), we are seeing the Scheduled Pick Date (PDDJ) adjust itself correctly on a finished good order but not on a raw material order. For example, we have a 2 day transit from one Branch/Plant to another. I create the ST for the finished good product and put 06/20/15 as the Request Date (DRQJ). After creation the Scheduled Pick Date shows 06/18/15. This is correct because of the 2 day transit. I then create another ST for the exact same Branch/Plants but this time I'm transferring a raw material item. I put the same 06/20/15 Request Date in but after creation the Scheduled Pick Date shows 06/20/15 instead of the 06/18/15.

Any thoughts on why the item type would be affecting the PDDJ calculation and where that setting can be reviewed?


**Just wanted to add that I noticed something new in testing. It actually doesn't appear to be only related to the item type, but to the actual item itself and a carrier being auto-assigned. This is still confusing me because I'm not changing anything on the ST creation except the item number. Some of the items do cause a carrier to be assigned at time of ST creation and that's allowing the Pick Date calculation while the other items result in no carrier being assigned and that is where I see the Pick Date being the same as the Request Date. Any ideas on why a carrier would be assigned for some items and not others?

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In case anyone comes across this and is having the same issue, here's the answer. In P4952 - Work With Routing Restrictions, there is a field in the Revisions called Maximum Number of Pieces. This is a 5 character field and defaulting in 99,999. We transact in quantities much higher than that amount. This was preventing the carrier to autopopulate which was preventing Scheduled Pick date calculations.