Item Restrictions for Drop Ship


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Hello List,

We are working on using Advanced Preferences to prevent restricted items on sales orders. The process works great by looking at the state and country of the JDE Ship To Address Book record. However, we are seeing an increasing number of customers requesting that we drop ship to their customer.

The issue is that the ship address is on the Sales Order Override, not JDE A/B. Has anyone found a way to handle this at order entry? We are looking at putting checks in our shipping software in the warehouse as a final stop. However, that is awkwardly late in the process in terms of disappointing a customer.

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Not sure if I follow, but the ship to address is created as an address book record. Is your issue that you do not desire to create one on the fly at the time of order entry?


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Hello Al,

Thanks for the reply. The issue is for orders where the ship to address has been added to the order as an override of the ship to address from the JDE address book (table F4006). For example, our customer in JDE has shipto address in NV. They place an order and ask us to ship to CA. So, the CSR manually enters the CA address as the ship to on the order. An item on the order is restricted from shipping to CA, but is perfectly fine to NV. The Adv Pref system drives off of the assigned Category Code in A/B, so it will allow this shipment.

I hope that clarifies, but let me know if there are questions I can answer,