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Item Master Question


I have a question....

Usually JD Edwards Item master is configured to accomodate mostly
quantitative physical objects. if you are working for a service company....
can anyone offer any suggestions as to how the item master can be configured
to support non physical objects? Or any situations where this has happened
with a client?




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You may want to test changes to an item line type settings or stocking type
settings. Look at a non-inventory line type or a non-stock stocking type.

Walt Sellers
Heil Environmental Industries, Ltd.
OW B733.2 SP10, Citrix, Windows NT TS2000, Oracle 8.1.6


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We set up many non-stock items using Line Type "N." Then in the Line Type
set up, check Inventory Interface "NO." This will keep the system from
trying to count inventory during transactions.


You can certainly set up Item Master records for non-physical things. A couple of things to consider... If you use Stocking Type "N", you will be unable to set up Branch/Plant records. If you need Branch/Plant records (for different G/L posting, cost, price, etc.), then you can use a "normal" Stocking Type and set up the functionality you need using Line Type. You can use an existing Line Type, such as "N", or you can create your own with the appropriate characteristics using P40205. For example, you could automatically generate a service work order tied to a customer order for a given service item.

Tim Lyons
brij Information Solutions