Item Effectivity Dates

We introduce a large number of new products on a regular basis. We would like to complete the Branch Plant records several months ahead of introduction so that we can create electronic catalogs for our customers. Once we do this, however, the items can be ordered through standard JDE order entry.

Is anyone aware of JDE functionality that would prevent order entry until a specified introduction date? (We currently code them with a stock type of "O" prior to the introduction date. We change them to "S" on the introduction date.) This requires, however, a great deal of last minute data base work (which we would like to avoid).

Ken Knoke
Hello Ken,
Maybe I don’t understand very well your problem, but as far as I know the easiest way to prevent order entry is to avoid any Order activity rules combination (or delete it if this combination exist). In this way if anybody will try a SOE an error massage will be displayed and no SO will be generated.
I hope this will be helpful for you.

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We could do this but I believe that it would still require a large amount of data base work. To avoid the order activity rules, wouldn't we need to set the items up as a line type that is not in the activity rules table? If so, we would need to change them back on the day that we want to accept orders. Since we introduce 1,000-2,000 new items at a time in 20 facilities, that could require up to 40,000 records to maintenance.

Ken Knoke


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Just a quick thought. What about creating a very basic UBE that updates F4101 and all applicable F4102 records for the specified items? I don't know how many per day you change, but you could just key in you data selection and let it do it's work.

Just a thought..


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Ok Ken,
If you don’t want to go in a/m direction I have another proposition for you:
1. What if you setup PO/Default from SOE with a sales order type without any activity rules settings? (For example S6) In this case you can avoid any supplemental changes and no SO will be created.
2. Same as 1. but for line type (example line type W)
In both case you will have to do only minor changes:
- define SO type in UDC 00/DT (or line type in P40205 a definition without any interfaces)
- P4210 – PO/Defaults – with this type of order/line;

Maybe you tried already all of those ways, or maybe not. Maybe this is helpful.


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Have you tried using R41803, Global Reporting Code Update, to update the
stocking type when your ready to release the items for sale? Although I
haven't used this program, it is written with data selection of F4102. You
may want to continue to set up your items with stocking type "O" as well as
a sales cat code for "Unreleased Items". Once your ready to release them
you could use R41803 to change the stocking type to "S" and change the sales
cat code to "Released Items".

Try this out and let us all know how it works out. Good Luck.

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