Item Cost Not Pulling into Sales Order in P4210 for item with N line type


We are currently in the process of an e1 upgrade from 8.11 to 9.10. We are re-applying our custom modifications, etc. and testing these objects in our DV environment. We have encountered something in the P4210 that has us perplexed. When keying an order, lines where there is an 'S' line type pull price and cost as expected. When keying an item with an 'N' line type, the cost does not pull into the detail line. Now we have compare the setup in 9.1 to our current 8.11 production environment and we cannot find any differences that would explain the problem. We have checked the line type constants and they are setup just as our production environment in 8.11 (i.e. the Edit Item Master for Non-Stock Flag is checked). Base Pirce and Item Cost are both setup correctly.

Any assistence would be helpful.

You may take a look at CalculateSalesPricesAndCosts (B4201500)---it is the BSFN that fetches unit cost and calculates extended cost.
P4210 worked OK in 9.10 for for line type N ( with inventory interface N ) and stocking type N.

Are you still having an issue with item cost not displaying? If yes, then did you download the N line type items systematically or enter the item masters manually? If the issue has been resolved, please share the remedy.