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Item Cost not in Primary UOM (Functional)


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Yes. Scorpio.

I have got some threads, and I'm working over it. I will post the details soon.

But is it okay to buy in PC and pay in weight (for example amount will come in Metric Ton) ?


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Can I make Primary UoM as PC and specify Item Cost in TN. But as far as I know we cannot make this one, because the price is in item level, not in item/uom level.
If you use the supplier catalog or advanced pricing for procurement you could set your supplier's price by TN and keep your primary as PC. You could set up your purchase order to buy by the TN or PC.

If the conversion between PC and TN is not constant, consider setting the item as a dual UOM item.


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I am confused what exactly is the problem you are facing.

We have primary UOM and secondary UOM at order detail level by item, we should have proper conversion rate in system. and the rest is taken care off by system.


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Sorry for making you confused !!! :p

The story is ...

User will tell that she needs 80 pieces of steel bars.
The supplier will tell her that he can provide steel bars for $500/TON.
I have conversion rate like 1 PC = .4816250 TON

As far as I am understood, I can set up as below.

Set TN as Primary UoM
Set PC as Secondary UoM
Set TN as Purchasing UoM

This will solve my issue.

But from the Inventory documentation, I read the below sentence.

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Primary [/COLOR]

Enter a code from UDC 00/UM that indicates the primary unit of measure for
the item. [B][COLOR="#0000FF"]The primary unit of measure must be the smallest unit of measure in
which you handle the item.[/COLOR][/B]
This is the PSAU of measure that the system uses to store all inventory. If you
change the primary unit of measure, the conversion factors in the item-level
conversion table are no longer valid.
The default value for this field is the unit of measure that you specify for the
item on the Item Master Revisions form.

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Secondary [/COLOR]

Enter a code from UDC 00/UM that indicates an alternate unit of measure
for the item.
So I am confused. In my case TN is not 'my smallest UoM', so is there is something wrong if I set 'not smallest UoM' as primary ?
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If everything you do is in tonnes then use tonnes as your primary unit of measure. The reason for the note about smallest unit is that you very quickly lose precision in JDE costing. So for example, if you're selling reinforcing steel bars at 0.5T then all good. However if you sell individual starter bars at 0.001T then you have a problem and will need to put your primary unit of measure at KG (or LB if you're in some oddball country that hasn't embraced the simplicity that is the metric system) rather than T. As you're using dual units of measure you should definitely use the unit that you cost in. So in your case you cost in weight so your primary uom must be a weight rather than something like eaches.


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Hi Russel,

Thank you very much for your detailed explanation.

I will try these points.

I also have confusion regarding Dual UoM, but instead of asking, I will try to do some research. If I don't get it, surely I will get it from our JDE List.


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I also have confusion regarding Dual UoM
In my experience in working with construction and reinforcing steel is that items are sold based on actual weight rather than a notional conversion between eaches and kg. So whilst one steel bar may weigh 0.4816250T the next may weigh 0.49T so this is where dual uom kicks in. It allows you to have a notional uom conversion but record actual weight and actual eaches for the transactions. Again, the primary unit of measure would be weight and the secondary would be pieces.

Chan Rana

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I think I had commented on one of your similar post. As said above by Russell you need to have Primary in Weight. Looks at the Catch weight setup in JDE which is what you need. We have many costly items which are priced in Weight but sold in Case and yes these are Dual UOM items.



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I agree with above comments.

Based on the tools release you are working, I hope you are not facing technical issue and you can you key in decimal digits in quantity field?

And I always recommend for the receiving to be done in same UOM as mentioned in invoice by supplier.


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Thank you very much all.

Absolutely right, my Primary UoM should be TON ( as the supplier give price in TON) and Secondary UoM is PC.

Also, I want to put more information in the Purchase Order print, because the Purchase Order, Receipt will be prepared in the pieces.