Item cost NOT displaying on purchase order?

Fred Ransom

I scanned the forum for an answer to this question and found none. I have run into this before but cannot remember why the item cost is not displaying on the PO. We have a standard 07 cost, a purchasing base 08 cost and a frozen 21 cost in the F4105 file. Where is the po program looking to find item coat?
Processing Option 5 on the Display Tab for P4310 controls whether or not Costs are displayed
Hey Larry,
Thanks for the response. I should have mentioned I had already checked the processing option. My issue is that some items display cost and others do not which makes me think it is related to item setup but I find nothing in the JDE documentation about item setup that talks about displaying cost.
Thanks again for your response.

Hi Fred,

Just update 'Price Pick List' to 'Y' under 'Purchasing 2' tab of 'Supplier Master Revisions' screen W04012A.

Then item cost should print on the PO.

B7332 thru E1 9.10
Hey aaro,

Thanks for the response. The Price Pick List is marked "Y". I checked B/P constants to make sure the 08 purchasing cost was selected and it was. I went to Cost Revisions and confirmed that the item had an 08 cost and it did. I then realized this is the first time I have ordered this particular item and had not yet been received so I added a Last In cost to the item and reordered it. The cost displays. Now my question is Where does P4310 get its instruction to display the Last In cost when the B/P constants say to use the 08 cost? Is this embedded in the code somewhere?
Hi Fred,

Purchase price ( or unit cost) on a PO will come from supplier catalog ( F41051) if populated and the purchase price level is set to 1 or 2 in item master.
If PPL is 3, then unit cost is always retrieved from F4105 for the purchasing CM. BP constants will be overridden by item-specific values.

So please check the item's PPL in item master and sales catalog if any. Hope it helps.

Since you have most things covered, are some marked with Free Goods? What about advanced pricing, is any of that used for these items?