E9.1 Item Branch Display Category Code Screen


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We have an issue where we need a team to maintain a specific category code - but that's the only thing they can maintain in Item Branch. I know we can lock down security by field.

I've reviewed the P41026 Item Branch and can see you can limit the screens. However, it still displays the main screen first. Not a huge deal, but it would just be easier if we only displayed the Category Code screen.

Or if there is another idea that anyone has - I'm interested.


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Given the way P4101 and P41026 are architected I think it would be simpler to create a simple one screen Headerless Detail custom Form/App to maintain the field.
Of course I'm a developer and that's how I roll ;)


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Hi richipper, have you tried the Supplemantal Data by items/branch ? By calling the relevant category codes form (P41026 W41026G ZJDE0001) , you can directly access the category code screen. (I did it in E91 Tools 915 w/o problem)
Mathieu (don't listen to the developer 😇 )