Italian Localisation - Annual VAT Report / Modello IVA


Dear all,

We are currently working on a project to implement Italian localisation and working our way slowly (!) through all the different required reports.
The one report we are really struggling with is the Annual VAT Report / Modello IVA.

We have found two annual VAT reports in the standard Italian localisation - R00911 and R74093. The latter looks a bit more promising, but we still don't understand how this would translate to the printed form Modello IVA.
We need to have all the data to be able to populate parts VA, VE, VF, VJ, VH, VL, VT.

We'd be interested to hear how others get the data for the annual VAT report. Any pointers more than appreciated!

We are on vers. 9.0 TR 9.1.5

Thank you in advance,