Issuing Materials To Preventive Maintenace Work Orders

Jeff George

Jeff George

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Is this done the same way you issue to manufacturing work orders? Are the same programs and processes used?
Hi Jeff,

Yes and no.

They both use P31113 for WO Inventory Issues, though you will want to have separate versions as the Processing Options should be set slightly differently.

Also, realize that for CAM transactions, they are intended to generate Journal Entries at the time of issue and there is no back end process similar to Manufacturing Accounting, so the processes are different.
I'm fine with setting up a different version of the P31113. I just wanted to make sure that there weren't any special PM programs that were used.
So I'm trying to do an issue through a version of the P31113 with a list of parts that was manually attached to a PM Work Order. However, all the lines are blue and it won't let me actually issue anything. Also, it looks like the Work Order itself needs a Quantity Completed, just like a manufacturing Work Order. Can't completing the PM Order update this, as well? What is a good reference for understanding this process?