Issues with SSE during oneworld client install


Good Morning,

I have been having a reoccurring issue with my Fatclient installs.

I am running tools release if that is relevant.

So here is the issue. I keep receiving this during the OneWorld Client install. (sorry I am not sure what version this is)


I have completely removed SSE (sql express) and all instances and tried again.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what i am doing wrong here?

Thanks for looking.



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Hi J,

I have faced this issue before. In order to fix the issue on my end, I had uninstalled SQLExpress and then had manually installed SQLExpress with the named instance JDESSELocal (instead of default instance). Even if you have installed it with a default instance, run the installer 2nd time and create a named instance JDESSELocal.

You can find the installer in the OneWorldClient Installation directory (if the setup is saved there) on the deployment server.

Once the installation is done, for us, none of the local databases were attached. So I had copied the attachPlanner.bat from the deployment server onto the fat client, modified it and used it to attach the local databases. You may not face this issue but in case if you do then this is the workaround.