E9.1 Issues when F31122.SOQS <> F4801.SOQS


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Hi Lists,

Not sure what's the issue and like to know can anyone shed the light what happened to us.

We have the daily scheduled R31422 and R31802A (final) during the night, and recently found 2 work order are with much large amounts when inquire the actual amonts via P31022 .

The 1st WO when reported the H&Q (P311221) user only key-in the Type Hour 1 and 3 but forgot giving SOQS with Type Hour = 4. And the WO is completed (P31114) with F4801.SOQS = 450. The next day found one record in F31122.HRW = 450 with Type Hour = 3 but the F3112 is with the MACA = 1.5 that is user reported via P311221 Hour Type 3.

However the actual amounts in F3102 is calculated based on B3 hours in 450 which creates huge gap between actual (450) vs. planned (1.5).

The 2nd WO is pretty similar but user typo the F31122.SOQS is 10% to it should be. And again next day the F31122 record shows F31122.HRW=25 while F3112.MACA = 1.5. Same F3102 actual amounts calculated based on B3=25 but planned amount based on 1.5

Tried hard but not found the bug clue in Support documentation and so try to get help from Community here. Thanks lot!


Apps 9.1+TR