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Issues using Boomerang remotely


Reputable Poster
All of our developer boxes are remote. Ever since the new USB Key requirements for Boomerang, we have been having frequent problems with the key generation. Per the User Guide, I open Boomerang on the remote client and copy the key. I open Boomerang on the local client and paste the key. Sometimes it creates the remote permit and sometimes it doesn't.

Has anyone found a solution to this issue?

Developer boxes are WinXP Professional SP2
Local workstation is Win2000 SP4
Connection is through Windows Remote Desktop Connection
The developer boxes are VMWare partitions


Legendary Poster
Please, try mapping your local disks in the remote session (that is: using RDS, not through the network mapping) - this should fix this issue in most cases.

I'll look at this issue once I'm back in the office...