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N/A Issued components over year end

Hi, I have been tasked with looking for a simpler way to manage the active work orders over the fiscal year end process in JDE. Looking for some ideas please.

Just now my company issue the components to the work order as normal.
At year end we identify which work orders will not be completed before the deadline.
These work orders then have the components put back into stock and the work order status changed back to 10 in JDE.
Once the 05 costs are copied over to 07 costs in the new fiscal year the components of the work orders are then re-issued.
This is done so that the correct costings are used for accounts and COGS.
This is very time consuming to re-issue the components to the work order as they need to make sure all the components are issued from the same locations/batches etc. and is done manually.

I did suggest Finance do a journal but I was told no it has to be done at source.
Our American counter parts do this so I do not know why UK accounts say no.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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We always have WO's in process at the end of any given year. Any components issued and labor charged reside in Work In Process (WIP) accounts in the GL.
Un-issuing and moving back to status 10 seems like an extreme action (and expensive, too!) to take.
WOW. that's mid 20th century accounting
I appreciate this is old school but I need to work with that I can. Only started with this company in January and got sent home in March due to covid.
I am looking for help/insight into how I can get round this.

Any help is welcomed.