Issue with Custom Level Break Header and Level Break Footer


Hi List,

I am fairly new to JDE and this is one of my first reports so bare with me. I am working on E9.1.1. I have a report where I have to do a bunch of calculations for production history. I have a driver section where I have all the calculations I need to put in both of my custom sections in the DO SECTION. I initialize all variables in the PROCESS BEGIN event. I have a custom level break header to break on Shift Code. I have a custom level break footer to total up the calculations from each shift and I'm breaking that on MCU (It will always be the same branch plant).

I am calling each of the custom sections in the END section but the way it prints goes "Level Break footer", "Level Break Header on Shift B", "Level Break Footer" and then "Level Break Header on Shift A".

I need to print the level break header on shift A then Shift B and then only have one Level Break Footer section where I am totaling everything. Can anyone help me?


I think you should change the data sequence in your driver section like below

1. MCU - Ascending - Level Break
2. SHIFT - Ascending - Level Break

Sujit R