Issue of stocked materials to a Project cost code

Mick K

Active Member
We have a situation around issuing materials from branch stock to project sites where almost all materials are purchased non-stock, and very little purchased to stock.
Non-stock purchase requisitions are created at site, and purchase orders generated by a centralised purchasing group.
Materials left over at end of a project are typically returned to a central warehouse, there they are adjusted into stock at cost.
When purchase requisition is reviewed by the buyer, decision may be made to supply some or all of the requested quantity form the warehouse, with balance being ordered on a supplier.

Four key requirements around supply of stocked materials from the warehouse:
1) charge materials to project cost code,
2) visiblity to requestor that the supply is pending or has been processed,
3) pick slip provided to warehouse to schedule and execute the pick and issue,
4) notification to buyer that warehouse stock is available to meet requisition quantity.

We have looked at Inventory Issue, Sales Order and Purchase Order transactions, all have short-comings.
Any information on experiences with similar problem and an approach would be appreciated