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Hi Sylvie,

Why have you to remove those colums ? For me, it's very dangerous to do it.
You can't keep all of unwanted colums without use them, can you ?


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Xe SP13 - Windows NT 4.0 - Oracle 8.1.5 - RS/6000 - Fat client and terminal

e-mail : projet.jde@lms.lafarge.com

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"Moulin, Sylvie" <sylvie.moulin@eds.com>@jdelist.com le 05/03/2001 16:13:49

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Objet : Removing columns in a table

Hello list,

I would like to have your advise/experiences on removing columns in the
middle of a table. This table is a custom table but there are a lot of
places where this table is used (applications, reports, business
I believe just revisiting all objects will not be enough. I'm I right? Is
there a way to make sure that no other references are kept anywhere else in
the product (DLL, specs, cache,...) ? How should I proceed?

Any input would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,

XE SP13, Windows NT 4.0 , NT-SQL7, Fat client and terminal server

Sylvie Moulin
Tel: 514-390-2266
Fax: 514-866-8427
Email: sylvie.moulin@eds.com

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